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It is mid-August!

We have officially hit that point of summer where everyone has had enough of everyone else. Can you relate to this?? Siblings are sick of one another. Kids are sick of their mom. Mom teeter totters between being sick of them and knowing how much she will miss this once it is gone.

Let me just say…

I have to brag on my kids for a second because I am extremely proud of how long they have made it before becoming totally annoyed with one another! They definitely broke some family records this year. The older two were super patient with their younger sister for the beginning of summer, but guys let’s be honest – you can only be so patient before you have nothing else to give. ESPECIALLY if you have no “escape valve” or time to recharge.

It wasn’t always this way

I first noticed this family trend several summers ago when we planned for my in-laws to visit us in late August. I had no idea what we were in for! We had the boys and I was pregnant with my daughter at the time. Since their grandparents were visiting for a couple of weeks, I thought it would be a good idea to keep them home. Together. No camps. Novice mistake, I know.

We ended up having a lovely visit.  In spite of many moments where the boys would argue with one another resulting in any combo of yelling, name calling, wrestling, full-fledged ground and pound and/or blatant disrespect. This, of course, led to unsolicited advice of how we needed to do something to fix this crisis that they were seeing.

My mom intuition was telling me that the kids were just annoyed by spending so much stinkin’ time together without a break. They were going into 1st and 2nd grades. They had been accustomed to having their own friends, schedules and lives at school. Over that summer, they did camps, but mostly together. By the end of August, they were just plain sick of one another! The first day of school couldn’t come fast enough.

Lesson learned

Now I know after spending excessive time together, they are more likely to be annoyed with one another. It’s ok. It’s part of life. I think. I am an only child, so I don’t know from my personal experience for sure, but it seems to be true with my family now.

Honestly, I get the same way. If I don’t have a break for some “me time”, I feel out of sorts, becoming more irritable. I need time to reconnect to myself and do my own thing. Let’s stop trying to just push through stuff. We need the time we need to recharge, kids and parents alike! Who’s with me??

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