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Creating A List of Affirmations Step by Step

Affirmations may seem childish or silly at first, but don’t underestimate the power behind these babies! They are something that you can start doing to feel almost instant relief in any and every area of your life. Today we are talking about creating a list of personal affirmations.

Ohhhh, ahhhhh!

How A List of Affirmations Can Help

In my video, I talked about the importance of shifting your focus from what you aren’t doing to what you ARE doing and what you are doing WELL. I could go on for days about the importance of giving ourselves the credit we deserve, but that will have to wait for another post.

You really can create an affirmation for any pain point in your life or any area that you are feeling kind of “blah” about. 

For example, I grew up drinking only juice and soda. Relax, it was in the ’80s when we didn’t know how unhealthy that was for us. Anyway, I developed very poor water drinking habits, which has been a surprisingly difficult transition for me in my adulthood. One of the easiest things I have done to help me with this change has been to make up an affirmation about drinking more water. And guess what? It has helped me out – a lot.

Another time that affirmations saved me was when I was in a very tough situation of severe overwhelm. I felt sooooo overwhelmed by all that I had to do on any given day! It seemed like there was never enough time to tackle the chores, to-dos, and stuff I HAD to do, let alone stuff I WANTED to do. 

I felt hopeless and avoided my house at one point, as much as I could anyway. I still lived there, but if there was an opportunity to run an errand or get out, I was all over it.

The simple affirmation of, “I’m amazed at all that I accomplish in a day” was enough to help me shift my perspective 180 degrees. After a few days of affirming this to myself whenever I would begin to feel overwhelmed, I noticed a much lighter feeling about the whole topic. I wasn’t feeling as defeated anymore. I was actually getting more and more done each day.

If you have never personally used affirmations and don’t know the first thing about it, but are interested in giving them a try because well, what do you really have to lose? Then you have come to the right blog! Follow these easy steps to create your powerful affirmations in minutes.


Create a List of Affirmations

Steps to Create Your Own List of Affirmations

Step 1: Identify the Pain Point

What do I mean by pain point? I like to think of these areas as spots in our lives that aren’t how we want them to be and cause us stress. It could be physical, mental, emotional. It could be related to our routines or to our environment. It’s basically anything that makes us cringe a little when we think about it. We know it could be different but have little to no idea how to make the necessary change.

Remember – if you know what you don’t want, you are one step closer to identifying what you do want!

In my example above, I knew that I wanted to feel better about everything that I had to do in a day. I knew I wanted to get more done. I wanted to feel successful. Identifying what was wrong for me helped show me what I wanted instead.


Step 2: How Would You Like to Feel Instead?

Once you know what you don’t want, it’s pretty easy to understand what you want instead. It’s usually the direct opposite. Sometimes it’s not but can still seem pretty obvious when we take the time to look at it.

Good questions to ask yourself are, “If I could wave a magic wand and have things just the way I’d like, what would that look like in this area?” or “what would make this better?”

You now know what you don’t want and how you’d like to feel instead! You are making progress and ready for Step 3!


Step 3: Bring on the “I Am’s”

“I am…” is the most powerful way to start any affirmation. It feels definite and doable. Creating a positive affirmation can be as easy as taking what you want (to be, to do, or to have) and sticking an “I am” in front of it.

Some examples:

I am loved

I am safe

I am supported

I am balanced

I am abundant

However, you may have noticed that my affirmation from the example was not a direct “I am” affirmation, and I’ll be honest with you. I wasn’t in a place at that time where I felt ok enough to use “I am productive” or “I am tackling my to-do list every day” because it did not feel true to me. 

So, I took a roundabout way of getting there and focused on being amazed at all I got done. Maybe your affirmation needs to start at, “I am willing to be loved” if “I am loved” doesn’t feel right to you in the beginning.

Your list of affirmations isn’t going to work if you don’t believe them. They should bring a sense of hope and reassurance. It’s so, so, so important that they offer some relief to you. They need to feel right to you when you think or say them. They don’t have to be your current reality and usually aren’t. That’s where their magic comes into play, actually.

Affirmations are a useful stepping-stone to get you to where you want to be.


Step 4: When in Doubt, Check Pinterest

Some of my favorite ideas for my life have come from Pinterest! It offers just about anything that you are looking for and certainly delivers in the area of affirmations.

If you search whatever area you are looking for in affirmations, you will find it here. Again, be sure that these words feel good to you and evoke a feeling of hope.

An added bonus of checking affirmations out on Pinterest is that you can create a board to pin these affirmations to reference whenever you need. It’s a terrific way to start off your day instead of jumping right into the news or email when you first open your eyes. You can open your affirmation board up on Pinterest and scroll through the personalized inspiration to kickstart your day.


Be Prepared For the Positive Power of Affirmations!

Ok, awesome work! Now that you have done some reflecting and come up with your list of affirmations, start putting them to use! Feel free to whip this bad boy out whenever you feel low or overwhelmed or even a little beforehand to serve as a preventive measure. Create a ritual and say them at certain times of the day. The secret sauce is feeling the positive emotion that the affirmation creates for you as you say it, whenever and wherever you may be.


What are you affirming? How do these phrases make you feel? I would love to hear about your experience with affirmations!!



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How to create a list of affirmations for yourself

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