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StephanieI’m Stephanie, and I would like to welcome you to “embrace the beautiful chaos”!

I am a mom of three, and during the long days and short years of motherhood, I have learned quite a bit. I am proud of who motherhood is helping me to become and look forward to continuing to grow on this journey.

I am wildly passionate about helping moms through motherhood in all of its wonder and craziness. Each age and stage offer its unique set of challenges and rewards and require a different version of us. I’m not a traditional parent blogger, author or speaker – my main focus is on the MOMS, not so much on the kids or different strategies to make bedtime easier or whatever.

You will find tips and game-changers that have worked wonders for me scattered throughout my work, but my main focus is on emphasizing the importance of taking care of yourself FIRST because there’s so much riding on your wellbeing. No pressure. It’s no secret that moms run the world, well at least our family’s world and that it takes about every ounce of who we are to do so. If we aren’t careful, it can end up taking more than we had ever intended.

I cover this in-depth in my book, Embracing the Beautiful Chaos of Motherhood. I also share perspective shifters in my blog and in my videos.

If you’re a mom, or if you know a mom who puts everyone above herself and could use some encouragement to love on herself some more, please sign up for my mailing list, follow me on social media and learn more about my book.

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